Digital Native Leader

Oleh: Hilal Mahmud 

(Dosen FTIK IAIN Palopo)

I am often amazed to see today’s generation. In discussion class they never run out of words to ask questions and respond to their friends. Maybe they have bad handwriting because they used to typing ten fingers. However, their insight are widespread because of much reading and easy to access information from social media. They no longer carry large bags of thick books because is easily stored in the book reader which is light, thin and easy to carry anywhere. They are digital native who fortunately have experience of growing period in Digital Technology Era that has been growing rapidly.

In the next ten years they will have entered the workforce. To organize and control them, a Digital Native Leader is required. Digital Native Leader is a leader who is able to act as a bow for his followers so that they are able to dart away from his bow. Digital Native Leader that acts as a bow, at least, has 3 traits. First, elastic means firm but not rigid and not out of control.

Secondly, having a strong rope as a darting arrow for racing with power and high speed. Leader who has strong bowstring is a leader who has knowledge, skills, and qualified competencies as well as capable of offsetting the ability of digital native.

Third, on target. Digital Native Leader should start with a shared dream. He builds a shared vision by harnessing the best potential of digital native. The role of Digital Native Leader as a bow is to direct the arrows/followers toward the target in high moral standards.

Luwu’s leadership concept, presumably appropriate for digital native: MALEMPU, MACCA, WARANI, na MAGETTENG.

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